Pilgrimage to Lord of Huanca

Lord of Huanca

Every year, on September 14, thousands of devotees from Peru and some countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile go on peregrination to the Santuary of Huanca to receive the blessing of the Lord of Huanca.

Lord of Huanca

This is a religious annual pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Señor de Huanca. Many people walk to the Sanctuary, to ask for wishes to the Lord of Huanca. Often people will bring their new cars to be blessed. It is possible to walk there on six hours from Huaccoto or take buses from Coliseo Cerrado, the journey takes about 1.5 hours.

Route from Cusco to the Santuary Lord of Huanca on Google Maps

History Lord of Huanca

In 1675, Diego Quispe who was an Indian escaped from the Yasos mine where he had suffered abuse. He hid from his master in a cave, and it is said that this place was illuminated by the presence of God. As soon as the priests of Our Lady of Mercy heard the story, they sent an artist from the Cusquenian School to paint an image of the Lord in the place where it had been seen.

Santuary the Lord of Huanca - Miraculous water

The Wakas or indigenous sacred sites colonized by Catholicism. Among this large rock circulates water from underground springs of the Sacred Apus, now it considered holy and miraculous water.

Festivity of Saint Rose in Lamay – Cusco

Festivity Santa Rosa of Lamay 2016

Festivity of Saint Rose

On August 30 is the central date of the Festivity of Saint Rose of the beautiful village of LamayCalca, which is located in the Sacred Valley of Incas, just forty minutes from Cusco.

Where several large groups of dancers with colorful costumes pay homage to Saint Rose, to whom ask many blessings for their small but very cheerful people.

The Peruvian District of Lamay is one of eight districts of the Province of Calca, located in the Department of Cusco, pertaining to Cusco Region, Peru. Lamay district is located in the south central province of Calca, whose capital of the same name is located in the Sacred Valley, washed by the river Vilcanota, about 2946 meters above sea level and 45 Km. from the city of Cusco.

Folk Dances of Lamay

  • Qhapaq Negro
  • Contradanza
  • Qollas of Lamay
  • Chunchu Rey
  • Wayna Saqra
  • Siqlla
  • Aucca Chileno
  • Negrillas of Lamay
  • Kachampa
  • Chunchacha
  • Qhapaq Danzaq
  • Qanchi Alcalde
  • Qoyacha Autentica
  • Qhapaq Qolla
  • Qoyacha of Lamay
  • Majeño
  • Danzaq of Lamay
  • Mestiza Qoyacha

Program of Saint Rose Festivity 2016

From Monday, August 29 to Wednesday September 01 of 2016

Peruvian Coffee Day

Free coffee and other activities to enjoy Peruvian Coffee Day

This Friday August 26, the Peruvian Coffee Day is celebrated throughout the Peru and, therefore, are scheduled tastings and various activities to commemorate the date.

Peruvian Coffee day - Organic Peruvian Coffee

The international chain Starbucks, through their social networks, confirmed that offer free coffee to customers who need only carry a reusable cup or glass to enter the promotion. The hours will be from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

In addition to this, also a tasting of Peru Coffee in the various locations that have in the country although this will only take place between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm on Friday is performed.

Peruvian Coffe Day - A delicious cup of Peruvian coffee

On the other hand, on Thursday the “V Expo Coffee Villa Rica 2016” is inaugurated at the Square of Las Artes of the Lima Municipal Theater, located in the Cercado of Lima.

The event is free and visitors can taste up to about 25 varieties of coffee from Oxapampa (Pasco).

In addition, in the Porta Passage (Miraflores, Lima) has also inaugurated the exhibition ‘Café 10 Mil: the Coffee Expression of the VRAEM‘, in which a total of 10,000 cups of coffee will be offered to visitors at the timetable from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

Enjoy a delicious Coffee and Crepe at the restaurant of our Hotel in Cusco, from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Haywariska 2016 – Offering to Pachamama

Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

Haywariska is of ancient origin as part of a system of reciprocity that the ancestors had with the spiritual world, whose purpose is to return to Mother Earth what has been given, this ceremony is performed the entire month of August.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

The rituals are destined to the Apus (masculine aspect of nature) and to the Pachamama (feminine aspect of nature), the breaking of this reciprocity would break the harmony in the natural, social and religious systems.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

The person conducting the ceremony is the “altomisayoq” or “yatiri“, who claim to have supernatural powers and communication with the spirit world. They offer an offering called “despacho” after asking for permission tend a table and between prayers.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

The assistants make their prayers, making wishes with great faith for personal benefit, of people and issues which they consider important.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering to Pachamama

Program of Haywariska 2016

Date: Friday, August 26
Time: from 4:00 pm
Location: San Blas Square
Organizers: Municipal Company of Celebrations of the Cusco (EMUFEC)
Participates: Association of Artists and Craftsmen of the traditional neighborhood of San Blas

Source: EMUFEC

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Mistura 2016

The largest food fair in Latin America

Peru has a great diversity of ingredientes and cuisines, mixture of races and cultures, we are a party of flavors where people from all our regions gather to celebrate, sharing the best of our food.

Millenary Cuisines arrive to Mistura 2016

Mistura prepares to be the great host of the millenary cuisines around the world. Among its novelties, the fair will include an international pavilion with the participation of India, Morocco and Mexico, countries with a great culinary culture. They promise to delight us with their dishes and ingredients as well as their culture, dances and parties. This year there’s more Mistura for all with the millenary cuisines!

The ninth edition of Mistura, gastronomic fair, will be held from 2 to 11 September in Lima. It’s the peruvian cuisine party, ten days of taste and color from all peruvian regions; a show-window to the world of our rich biodiversity and peruvian gastronomy as a locomotive for inclusive development. You are all invited!

Mistura’s Grand Market

Mistura’s Grand Market is the heart of the fair. This space congregates hundreds of farmers from all peruvian regions, to show with pride the great diversity of products that have made of our gastronomy one of the most outstanding around the world. This time, to celebrate the International Year of Legume, we bring our powerful ‘menestras’ and invite peruvian chefs who will cook delicious dishes in the Kitchen of the Gran Market.

Buy your tickets for Mistura 2016


From Monday to Wednesday: S/. 13.00 (S/. 7.00 for kids)

From Thursday to Sunday: S/. 18.00 (S/. 8.00 for kids)


From Monday to Wednesday: S/. 17.00 (S/. 9.00 for kids)

From Thursday to Sunday: S/. 26.00 (S/. 11.00 for kids)

Source: Mistura.pe

National Holidays 2016 in Cusco


Cusco develop a general program to celebrate the National Holidays with a series of military activities, school parades, concerts, food festivals, serenades, burning castles and others.

Army parade for the National Holidays in Cusco


The Municipal Company of Celebrations of Cusco, develop a series of activities which aim to create a patriotic atmosphere; so that EMUFEC conjunction with the Regional Directorate of Education, Education Management Unit and 5th Mountain Brigade of Cusco scheduled the school parades with the participation of the primary and secondary levels, as well as the higher institutes.

School parade for the National Holidays in Cusco

These parades are held in the Plaza de Armas, at the end of the parades, the first places are awarded with corresponding pennants, the winners will participate the next day in the Military Civic Parade which also involved the armed forces, police and military.


Parallel to the parades takes place a food and music festival in the Regocijo square from noon, with presentation of musical artists, dances of Peru and the best of Peruvian food accompanied by typical drinks.

Source: EMUFEC

Great Kacharpari for Celebrations of Cusco 2016

Celebrate together the Great Kacharpari for the Feasts of Cusco

A musical show and festival of typical dishes announces the Municipal Company of Festivities of Cusco (EMUFEC) for this Sunday July 3 from 9 in the morning on the Regocijo square the occasion of the traditional “Karcharpari” or farewell to the jubilee celebrations 2016, activity which officially conclude the activities in honor of our imperial city of Cusco, yet started on 27 April.

Plaza Regocijo - Cusco

Meanwhile, in the Plaza Mayor the Qosqo Native Art Center, as part of the General program developed by EMUFEC, will offer a colorful parade of dances immediately after the ceremony of hoisting the national flag and flag of Cusco, activity decked out perfectly with the Kacharpari.

In the Regocijo square, EMUFEC will adapt a special platform which will accommodate the artists and groups that will be presented in this celebration, with the stellar performance of the Group “15”

EMUFEC, invites all the Cusquenian population and visitors to participate in this event which will give appointment our artistic and gastronomic expressions.

Source: EMUFEC

Feast of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo 2016

Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo

This festival starts on July 14 at night with the traditional essay of the dances, the 15th day with the entrance to the festival, the 16th, is the main day and begins with the celebration of the Mass of Aurora, the Mass of party, the distribution of the Eleven, and finally make the procession of the Virgin of Carmen, the 17th blessing is given and the guerrilla becomes, and the festival ends on July 18 with the Watatiaycuy and Oqaricuy and in some cases up to 19th Walqanche or parting to the musicians.

Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo, Cusco

The Virgin of Carmen de Paucartambo is a holiday celebrated not only with much religiosity but rather with a fervor that comes from something more than the desire of a people of honoring to a sacred image of 1.32 m of height; in Paucartambo when homage is paid to the Mamacha del Carmen is celebrated something more than a Catholic rite; is celebrated a collective idea might be called tradition!

Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen de Paucartambo

The saqras or demons take to the housetops

The saqras or demons take to the housetops

At the end of the procession, war is waged on the demons, from which the faithful emerge in triumph.

Guerrilla between demons and faithful - Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo

The dances that can be observed are: Saqra, Qhapaq Chuncho, Quadrille, Kachampa, Chilean Auqa, Tarpuy, Challalla Phallchascha, Qollacha, Qapac Black, Bakers, among others.

Dance of the Feast of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo

This festivity is held every year in the colonial town of Paucartambo, at a height of 3,017 m.s.n.m. and 110 km. from Cusco approximately 4 hours from Cusco.

Parade of the Provinces of Cusco 2016

Parade of the Provinces of Cusco 2016 in Tribute to Immortal Cusco

Date: Wednesday June 22, 2016

Hour: 9:00 a.m.

Location: Plaza de Armas of Cusco

Order of Parade:

  1. Province of Acomayo
  2. Province of Anta
  3. Province of Calca
  4. Province of Canas
  5. Province of Canchis
  6. Province of Chumbivilcas
  7. Province of La Convención
  8. Province of Espinar
  9. Province of Paruro
  10. Province of Paucartambo
  11. Province of Quispicanchi
  12. Province of Urubamba

I International Festival Mijunas Cusco 2016


With the best groupings of the moment: Jambao of Argentina, Adolescents Orchestra of Venezuela, Charly Cardona and the successes of Niche Group from Colombia, Ariel Pucheta original voice of Ráfaga, Yoga of Bolivia. For Peru the Grouping Lérida, and the best national and local artists; and the best gastronomy, with the top 10 restaurants of Peru, the top ten restaurants of Cusco; games, fun and more.

Dates: From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 of June 2016.

Location: Fair field of Technological Institute Tupac Amaru

General Entrance until 13:00: S/. 10.00

General Entrance after 13:00: S/. 25.00



  • Jambao
  • Adolescentes
  • Yoga
  • Agua Bella
  • Rossy War
  • Ada
  • Estudiantina Peru
  • Embajadores Criollos


  • Adolescents (Proyect A)
  • Embajadores Criollos
  • Katy Jara
  • Pintura Roja
  • Qeromarka
  • Estudiantina Peru
  • Arco Iris


  • Ráfaga (Ariel Pucheta)
  • Lerida
  • Pintura Roja
  • Grupo Alegría
  • Grupo Génesis
  • Estudiantina Perú
  • Embajadores Criollos
  • Corali