National Holidays 2016 in Cusco


Cusco develop a general program to celebrate the National Holidays with a series of military activities, school parades, concerts, food festivals, serenades, burning castles and others.

Army parade for the National Holidays in Cusco


The Municipal Company of Celebrations of Cusco, develop a series of activities which aim to create a patriotic atmosphere; so that EMUFEC conjunction with the Regional Directorate of Education, Education Management Unit and 5th Mountain Brigade of Cusco scheduled the school parades with the participation of the primary and secondary levels, as well as the higher institutes.

School parade for the National Holidays in Cusco

These parades are held in the Plaza de Armas, at the end of the parades, the first places are awarded with corresponding pennants, the winners will participate the next day in the Military Civic Parade which also involved the armed forces, police and military.


Parallel to the parades takes place a food and music festival in the Regocijo square from noon, with presentation of musical artists, dances of Peru and the best of Peruvian food accompanied by typical drinks.

Source: EMUFEC

Great Kacharpari for Celebrations of Cusco 2016

Celebrate together the Great Kacharpari for the Feasts of Cusco

A musical show and festival of typical dishes announces the Municipal Company of Festivities of Cusco (EMUFEC) for this Sunday July 3 from 9 in the morning on the Regocijo square the occasion of the traditional “Karcharpari” or farewell to the jubilee celebrations 2016, activity which officially conclude the activities in honor of our imperial city of Cusco, yet started on 27 April.

Plaza Regocijo - Cusco

Meanwhile, in the Plaza Mayor the Qosqo Native Art Center, as part of the General program developed by EMUFEC, will offer a colorful parade of dances immediately after the ceremony of hoisting the national flag and flag of Cusco, activity decked out perfectly with the Kacharpari.

In the Regocijo square, EMUFEC will adapt a special platform which will accommodate the artists and groups that will be presented in this celebration, with the stellar performance of the Group “15”

EMUFEC, invites all the Cusquenian population and visitors to participate in this event which will give appointment our artistic and gastronomic expressions.

Source: EMUFEC