Festivity of Saint Rose of Lamay - Cusco

Festivity of Saint Rose in Lamay – Cusco

Festivity Santa Rosa of Lamay 2016

Festivity of Saint Rose

On August 30 is the central date of the Festivity of Saint Rose of the beautiful village of LamayCalca, which is located in the Sacred Valley of Incas, just forty minutes from Cusco.

Where several large groups of dancers with colorful costumes pay homage to Saint Rose, to whom ask many blessings for their small but very cheerful people.

The Peruvian District of Lamay is one of eight districts of the Province of Calca, located in the Department of Cusco, pertaining to Cusco Region, Peru. Lamay district is located in the south central province of Calca, whose capital of the same name is located in the Sacred Valley, washed by the river Vilcanota, about 2946 meters above sea level and 45 Km. from the city of Cusco.

Folk Dances of Lamay

  • Qhapaq Negro
  • Contradanza
  • Qollas of Lamay
  • Chunchu Rey
  • Wayna Saqra
  • Siqlla
  • Aucca Chileno
  • Negrillas of Lamay
  • Kachampa
  • Chunchacha
  • Qhapaq Danzaq
  • Qanchi Alcalde
  • Qoyacha Autentica
  • Qhapaq Qolla
  • Qoyacha of Lamay
  • Majeño
  • Danzaq of Lamay
  • Mestiza Qoyacha

Program of Saint Rose Festivity 2016

From Monday, August 29 to Wednesday September 01 of 2016

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