Haywariska 2016 - Offering ceremony to the Pachamama

Haywariska 2016 – Offering to Pachamama

Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

Haywariska is of ancient origin as part of a system of reciprocity that the ancestors had with the spiritual world, whose purpose is to return to Mother Earth what has been given, this ceremony is performed the entire month of August.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

The rituals are destined to the Apus (masculine aspect of nature) and to the Pachamama (feminine aspect of nature), the breaking of this reciprocity would break the harmony in the natural, social and religious systems.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

The person conducting the ceremony is the “altomisayoq” or “yatiri“, who claim to have supernatural powers and communication with the spirit world. They offer an offering called “despacho” after asking for permission tend a table and between prayers.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama

The assistants make their prayers, making wishes with great faith for personal benefit, of people and issues which they consider important.

Haywarikuy 2016 - Offering to Pachamama

Program of Haywariska 2016

Date: Friday, August 26
Time: from 4:00 pm
Location: San Blas Square
Organizers: Municipal Company of Celebrations of the Cusco (EMUFEC)
Participates: Association of Artists and Craftsmen of the traditional neighborhood of San Blas

Source: EMUFEC

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