Inti Raymi: Qorikancha - Plaza de Armas - Sacsaywaman

Inti Raymi


The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun was an Inca ceremony that was performed on Cusco, the capital of Tawantinsuyo, between the final period of the harvest and the beginning of the vernal equinox of the Andes, ie in the second half of June.


On June 24, the feast in honor of the Sun God, is done in the three historical and natural landscapes that are commonly used for the staging:

  • TheĀ Qorikancha (Temple of Sun)

Inti Raymi en el Qorikancha

  • The Plaza de Armas (the old Auqaypata or Plaza del Guerrero)

Inti Raymi - Plaza de Armas

  • Saqsaywaman: This impressive archaeological site is 3,555 m.s.n.m., one kilometer Inca Qolqanpataneighborhood.

Inti Raymi at Saqsaywaman


The central ceremony of Inti Raymi is performed on the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman, in which space the stands of appreciation are enabled with capacity for 3,859 spectators, distributed as follows:

Tribunas Inti Raymi


Planification of Inti Raymi


  • 9:OO hrs. Qorikancha: Start of staging. Duration 30 minutes.
  • 11:OO hrs. Auqaypata (Plaza de Armas): The Inca and his royal entourage, enter through the Inti K’ijllu street. Duration 45 minutes.
  • 13:3O hrs. Esplanade of Saqsaywaman: Central Ceremony. Duration 90 minutes.

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