Mistura 2016 - Gastronomic Fair in Lima

Mistura 2016

The largest food fair in Latin America

Peru has a great diversity of ingredientes and cuisines, mixture of races and cultures, we are a party of flavors where people from all our regions gather to celebrate, sharing the best of our food.

Millenary Cuisines arrive to Mistura 2016

Mistura prepares to be the great host of the millenary cuisines around the world. Among its novelties, the fair will include an international pavilion with the participation of India, Morocco and Mexico, countries with a great culinary culture. They promise to delight us with their dishes and ingredients as well as their culture, dances and parties. This year there’s more Mistura for all with the millenary cuisines!

The ninth edition of Mistura, gastronomic fair, will be held from 2 to 11 September in Lima. It’s the peruvian cuisine party, ten days of taste and color from all peruvian regions; a show-window to the world of our rich biodiversity and peruvian gastronomy as a locomotive for inclusive development. You are all invited!

Mistura’s Grand Market

Mistura’s Grand Market is the heart of the fair. This space congregates hundreds of farmers from all peruvian regions, to show with pride the great diversity of products that have made of our gastronomy one of the most outstanding around the world. This time, to celebrate the International Year of Legume, we bring our powerful ‘menestras’ and invite peruvian chefs who will cook delicious dishes in the Kitchen of the Gran Market.

Buy your tickets for Mistura 2016


From Monday to Wednesday: S/. 13.00 (S/. 7.00 for kids)

From Thursday to Sunday: S/. 18.00 (S/. 8.00 for kids)


From Monday to Wednesday: S/. 17.00 (S/. 9.00 for kids)

From Thursday to Sunday: S/. 26.00 (S/. 11.00 for kids)

Source: Mistura.pe

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